ACA - Clément Azaïs - Architecture d'intérieur ° Design ° Et possiblement plus

Every project is an adventure, a destination far away and vaporous contours.

Where to start, what to do and how?
Giving answers to all these questions, ACA cross your path. It is a meeting point among with your needs, expectations, intuitions and dreams.
Understanding the context, drawing new hypotheses.
Give relief to new ideas.

Without preconceptions, the destination set possible.

From space to the object, everything is possible.

Stimulate imagination, take a stand.
Keep on the usage a curious look, fun and intuitive.
Playing with scales, feelings, perceptions, to mark an identity future.

The contours take shape, the project is responsible for direction.

Convinced that there is no type contour, but multiple outlines, each project is a hybridization of cultures, worlds and possibilities that allow to go beyond your expectations, to interpret the unspoken.

Since its creation in 2011, ACA focuses on the essential to make each project a singular assembly or volumes, materiality and details marking a unique identity.

Desires, cravings, why not throw together in the adventure ?

Clément grew up in Barcelona, studied in Paris, graduated from Camondo School in 2010, worked in Shanghai, founded his own workshop and he’s now looking for new challenges.


According to him, being an Interior Architect and Designer allows for developing an integrated approach and creative answers, challenging scales and sensations.


Polyvalent and curious, he has already worked on a wide variety of projects in different environments, such as furniture design, museums, hotels, restaurants and private spaces. Every project is always conceived as a meeting point between a space, a client and the designer. The result is a unique project where materiality and details create a specific identity.


Research is an important part of his work, observation and understanding, as it brings an important added value to creation. The discovery of new possibilities, connections and ideas will sketch the spaces, forms and materiality of tomorrow.